Transform your smile! The most advanced dental adjustment technology from #Idealign has been created specifically for accurately displacing teeth with no pain and almost invisible texture.

Why Idealign?

Advanced invisible technology!

Idealign maskers unlike all other methods or treatments for teething are almost invisible.

Perfect dental line in just a short time!

Idealign treatment is specially designed to be part of your routine, without changing it. The composition and realization of Idealign maskers require shorter treatment in time. The procedure is simple and requires only consistency in changing them.

Practical: Removable and comfortable!

Thanks to the flexibility of the maskers that are removed, washing and cleaning is very simple. You will not feel the need to avoid eating foods. Idealign treatment avoids irritation of the gums and cheeks, not creating health problems in your mouth.

It does not interfere with daily life or activities

Idealign treatment is specially designed to be part of your routine, without changing it.

Treatment Plan:

Each Idealign treatment plan is created by adapting to each individual smile, ensuring precise and effective tooth movement. Initially, you will get approval from the relevant dentist if you are suitable for the treatment. To determine the suitability you will conduct:

  • Tooth photography.
  • Digital Scanning.
  • Silicone dental mass.

Based on this data we will create a 3D design plan to see the final result.


Maskers should be worn all the time, except for meals.

For a good and fast result, the maskers should be kept for 20-22 hours per day.

Each masker set is held and changed every 2 weeks. Whenever you changesets, don’t worry about the slight pressure you will feel on your teeth as it is a normal process. Just be patient!

Keep the maskers clean by washing them every night with a brush and cold water.

Before applying the maskers, brush and clean your teeth with dental floss. Flossing cleans between the teeth and removes hard to reach plaque that your toothbrush cannot reach.

Depending on the case, you will need to see the relevant dentist on the due date.

Idealign maskers are made of resistant and very quality material. Their thickness varies from xmm, creating the right ratio of accurate results and meanwhile induce comfort in your mouth.

Idealign creates the ideal smile for you!