Who are we

Tirana-based “Kacdedja Dental Group” was founded in 2010. We are a dental laboratory that uses the latest technology to provide dental restorations. Here you will find quality materials and technological equipment that will provide you white teeth for a radiant smile.

Dental Group uses modern equipments to provide various services in the field of fixed prosthetics. We offer tooth restorations such as zirconium crowns and bridges, metal crowns and bridges, abutment design, veneers and more. We offer our services not only in Tirana, but we receive orders from all over Albania. All materials and equipment are used with high precision in a digital way ensuring maximum quality, efficiency and service for each of you. The latest technology tools like Laserprint, CAD CAM System provide perfect dental restoration, aesthetically and above all functionally.



Our mission is to invest in providing state-of-the-art technology to provide a quality and guaranteed service. Our laboratories work carefully and meet the requirements of dentists in a very fast time.



Our vision is to expand our business throughout Albania by meeting ever-increasing customer demand. We strive to provide the latest technology to enable always quality products and long lasting.


Distinctive Quality

Distinctive qualities are treating clients with confidence, seriousness and respect. Your requirements are met by our labs and staff in the shortest possible time and with the quality products used to create them.